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Albion Market place

When pinpointing the ideal destination to build a new retail precinct from scratch, there are a few factors one needs to consider. At the top of the priority list sits location, visibility, ease of access and a built-in market base – all factors that help gauge the viability of any potential project. For the team behind Queensland-based property development group , the decision to erect a brand-new retail hub in the heart of Albion was a no-brainer. The five-way intersection bridging Sandgate Road, Crosby Road, Frodsham Street and Abbotsford Road sees more than 68,000 cars cruise through daily – that’s an impressive stream of traffic, equating to phenomenal exposure for any business lucky enough to sit in close proximity. Looking to capture the attention of these commuters is Pointcorp’s newly completed Albion Central, a community-oriented plaza that is elevating the suburb – along with the Sandgate Road dining cluster (VaqueroArtie & MaiBrewbakers) and Albion Fine Trades – into a major nerve centre for gourmet eats and essentials.


Developer – Pointcorp

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