Friday, 27 March 2015

Understanding Architecture: What Style of Home Do You Have?

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Queenslander architecture is a distinct and unique style originating from Queensland. This style was originally developed in the 1840’s to survive the wet climate.  Queenslander homes are still constructed today, displaying a long lasting durability and practical design. Key features:
  • Primarily of timber construction and can be low or high-set, one to two storeys.
  • They are typically “tripartite” in sectional composition; underfloor (stumps), primary rooms (can be two levels), and the roof.
  • The house is raised off the ground, held up by vertical stumps that give the appearance that the house is ‘floating’.  This is both a stylistic and practical design to accommodate to areas prone to flooding.
  • All Queenslanders have one or more veranda spaces (a sheltered edge of the house that is typically only part-enclosed and can be used as another living area).
  • The roof is quite large and can be made of slate or tiles, but most Queenslanders are characteristically sheeted with corrugated metal.

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